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Yo! What’s up dudes.

This week is a new episode with Calvin Sun. I think Calvin could be in my personal top 5 “Most Interesting Man in the World.” He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, former MTV show host, dancer, medical doctor, and entrepreneur. There’s probably a few more that I left out.

Calvin is an ER Doctor in New York City and he’s traveled to 170+ countries. What’s crazy is that he traveled to 150 of those countries during medical school and residency.

While traveling, Calvin, started a blog documenting his travels which turned into a travel company.

That company is called Monsoon Diaries.

In this episode we talk about:

  • how he dealt with his father’s death at an early age

  • getting into medical school with a below average academic record

  • radical honesty and where that has gotten him

  • being present and in his words “fuck your dreams”

  • how his trip to North Korea went viral

  • his plans for his travel company

  • and much more

This is a great episode. Thanks for listening guys.

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Chris Kim